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KUKJEPLASTICS, founded in 1983, is a specialist in plastic injection molding and mold manufacturing. With over 40 years of experience, we have been offering a one-stop solution for product planning, design, mold design, and production in the plastic manufacturing industry.

KUKJEPLASTICS has earned trust from a diverse clientele by ensuring both exceptional quality and reasonable production costs, all attributed to our technical expertise and advanced automation equipment. KUKJEPLASTICS proudly boasts industry-leading technological capabilities in the fields of automotive accessories, infant products, medical equipment, and industrial products, supported by extensive experience across a spectrum of polymers including PP, PE, PC, ABS, and TPE.

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Mold Development

Molds are the beginning and end of quality!

No matter how excellent a product is, if the quality of the mold is low, it can lead to significant risks in terms of quality control, productivity, and mold management during the mass production process. Therefore, entrust the first button of product development to KUKJEPLASTICS, which not only possesses extensive expertise in molds but also excels in injection molding.

Mold design with 3D software

Product & Mold Design

Through thorough consultation with customers, we meticulously design products and mold structures by analyzing concept, purpose, production quantity, and cost.
The CNC milling machine finishing cut the injection mold parts by solid ball  endmill tools. The mold and die manufacturing process by machining center with the solid endmill tools.
Mold Manufacturing
Based on optimized 3D modeling, we process high-quality molds considering factors such as cooling/heating systems, slide cores, ejection methods, and dimensional variations.
Trial Production & Mold Stabilization
We produce prototype products with the manufactured molds, continuously improving them based on customer feedback until they are perfected for mass production.

Injection Molding

The technical pride of KUKJEPLASTICS lies precisely in its excellent injection molding capabilities.

Many customers who had previously failed to produce products or faced unstable product quality elsewhere have found success in product development with us. Our injection molding expertise, driven by long-standing know-how, meticulous control of molding conditions, and unwavering commitment to quality, enables this success.

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  • Manufacturing Process

Material Recipe

We develop blending formulas for raw materials, pigments, and additives tailored to the characteristics of products such as appearance and purpose.


Molding Control

Fine-tuning dozens of molding conditions to discover the optimal conditions for meeting customer quality requirements.


Post-processing / Testing / Packaging

Precision post-processing and rigorous quality testing with colorimeters, microscopes, precision scales, and more, all ensure 100% quality completion.


Material Recipe Development

KUKJEPLASTICS sources high-performance engineering materials domestically and internationally,

formulating customized recipes to maximize product performance.

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  • Material Characteristics


High shrinkage compared to strength makes precise design challenging. Careful material drying and management are necessary to address gas generation. Annealing post-molding reduces resin crystallinity, preventing brittleness.



Given the extensive variety, companies inexperienced in TPE may struggle to procure suitable materials, with specialized equipment required due to its demanding aesthetic standards. TPE is among KUKJEPLASTICS' top materials.



Customized molding machines with specific screw types are essential, particularly for high-quality exterior products and high-functionality products. KUKJEPLASTICS currently uses PC in lenses, automotive parts, medical equipment, and household appliances.



As the most versatile material, its types and blending ratios vary widely, requiring extensive expertise in recipe development. KUKJEPLASTICS currently utilizes this material in producing masks for daily and industrial use, toys, and household goods.


Functional Additives

It confers various properties like impact, abrasion, scratch, heat, UV resistance, antistatic properties, gloss, friction coefficient, dimensional stability, and electrical conductivity. However, even small amounts significantly broaden molding conditions, increasing the challenge of quality stability.


Polyurethane / PBT

Used in industrial wheels, automotive accessories, and mobile phone cases for its soft yet tough properties and high wear resistance. However, due to its poor formability, expertise is required in designing the ejection method during mold design.





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